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Works with Windows 11

TrafficMonitor Introduction

TrafficMonitor is a network monitoring suspension window software on Windows platform. It can display the current network speed, usage of CPU. It also has the function of displaying in the taskbar, skin changing and historical traffic statistics.

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Please click here to download the latest version of TrafficMonitor.
Alternate link: Download from Baidu Netdisk. Access code: ou0m
If you encounter any problems, please click here.

You can also click here to download the pre-release build version of TrafficMonitor.

Starting from version 1.80, the temperature monitoring function has been added. If you do not need the temperature monitoring function and encounter problems with version 1.80 or higher, it is recommended to download the version which is without temperature monitoring. (Find the version that contains without_temperature in the file name on Release page.)

Main Features

  • Displays the current network transfer speed, usage of CPU and memory.
  • Support automatic or manual selection of network connections if there are multiple network adapters.
  • Display the network connection details.
  • Support the window displayed in the taskbar.
  • Support for changing skin and customizing skin.
  • Historical traffic statistics.

Instructions for use

Click here to go to the Wiki page to view detailed documentation on TrafficMonitor (Only Chinese Available).

Screen Shots

Main Suspension Window:

Right-Click Menu:

Taskbar Window

Colorful Skins:

Change Skins:


How to Use

After the program started, a floating window showing the network speed will be displayed on the screen. Click the right mouse button on the floating window to pop up the right-click menu.

TrafficMonitor supports displaying information on the taskbar. But TrafficMonitor only displays the main window (floating window) by default. If you want to embed it into the taskbar, please select the "Show taskbar window" command in the right-click menu.

Taskbar window supports customization of display items. By default, only the network speed is displayed. If you need to display the CPU and memory usage, please check the items that need to be displayed under the "Display Settings" submenu in the taskbar right-click menu, as shown in the figure below:

About the hardware monitoring function

Starting from version 1.80, the hardware monitoring functions (including temperature monitoring and graphics card usage monitoring) has been added in TrafficMonitor. It relies on the open source library LibreHardwareMonitor. If you encounter problems during using the temperature monitoring function, please click here.

It should be noted that the temperature monitoring function is turned off by default. If you want to use the temperature monitoring function of TrafficMonitor, please go to "Option Settings"-"General Settings"-"Hardware Monitoring" to enable it.

Note: The hardware monitoring function (including temperature monitoring and GPU usage monitoring) may have some problems, which may cause more CPU and memory usage. According to feedback from some users, turning on the temperature function will cause problems such as program crashes and system crashes. Please decide to turn on the hardware monitoring function after you are aware of the above risks. Otherwise, please do not use the hardware monitoring function.

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