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This and all my software is virus and malware clean. Some virus scanner false positive.

All this program are discontinued but works without any problem. Last test under XP, Vista and Windows 7.  Works with all SP.

Video Convert Version 0.5.18.
Convert your Video Version 0.12.1

VIDEOTODVD version 0.1.2
sVCD RIP and Create version 1.0

You can found it now here  

Video Convert Version 0.5.18.
(With this program you can convert a video to VCD/SVCD or DVD)

Convert your Video Version 0.12.1
This program can convert many formats to XVID / MPEG4 / h264 / flv / psp / m4v / mov (quicktime)/ flash swf / wmv1 mediaplayer version 7+ / wmv2 MediaPlayer 8+ / 3GP and 3G2 (mobile) with ffmpeg And from your non copyprotected VideoDVD to MPEG.
Create a HTML for FLV and SWF for your website

VIDEOTODVD version 0.1.2
With this program you can convert very fast your video sample divx xvid and other to DVD. You can test the best options. Preview from 10 - 180 sec for test the preference.
In Automatic set you can use user defined option or ffmpeg convert your video to a full screen. Auto. Convert. This program try to change the size / ratio to 720x automaticly. But you can change this entry self.
This option is the fast and most the best option.

and sVCD RIP and Create version 1.0
With this program you can RIP your SVCD and VCD, required Adaptec ASPI driver.
Convert your mpeg1 to a VCD BIN file and convert mpeg2 to a SVCD and burn it


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Current news

08-Jan 2017
FFMPEG 32bit Version 2017-01-08-95d9a85
FFMPEG X64 Bit Version 2017-01-08-95d9a85
Mencoder / MPLAYER 32/64bit revision 37910

15-Jan 2017
FFMPEG 32bit Version 2017-01-14-0ba0187
FFMPEG X64 Bit Version 2017-01-14-0ba0187
Mencoder / MPLAYER 32/64bit revision 37916
DVDAUTHOR 0.7.2 complete version

17-Jan 2017
Tidy for HTML5 32/64bit version 5.3.142017.01.09
Rainmeter 4.1-r2753-beta 32/64bit version 

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