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HTMLDOC 1.9.5 OpenSource Version

Publish Your HTML!

HTMLDOC converts HTML files and web pages into indexed HTML, PostScript, and PDF files suitable for on-line viewing and printing. HTMLDOC can be used as a standalone GUI application, in a batch document processing environment, as a web-based report generation application, or in embedded environments to support printing of HTML content!

Download the 7z Version

Works with all windows 32/64 bit version

HTMLDOC 1.9.5 fixes some GUI, markdown, and EPUB issues. Changes include:

  • The GUI did not support EPUB output.
  • Empty markdown table cells were not rendered in PDF or PostScript output.
  • The automatically-generated title page now supports both "docnumber" and
    "version" metadata.
  • Added support for dc:subject and dc:language metadata in EPUB output from the
    HTML keywords and lang values.
  • Added support for the subject and language metadata in markdown input.
  • Fixed a buffer underflow bug (Issue #338)
  • htmldoc --help now reports whether HTTPS URLs are supported (Issue #339)
  • Fixed an issue with HTML title pages and EPUB output.

Old Version

Download bin HTMLDOC setup version 1.8.27 (stable)

Download HTMLDOC setup version 1.8.24 (stable)

Original Homepage for this program. Here can you find the source and the commercial version

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